Has a heart of gold

Lisa came highly recommended by family members who had allowed Lisa to care for their three children over the course of a few years. I remember meeting her for the first time before our daughter was born and realized then that our daughter would always be good, loving hands. Lisa continues to be a constant reminder of the great decision we made 3.5 years ago, trusting her to care for our daughter day in and day out. Lisa has love for all of the children equally, she celebrates every birthday and major holiday and our daughter often comes home with crafts or gifts for the parents. Lisa (and Tom) have been a huge help to my family while I’ve traveled for work, and has taken our daughter so that we can have a night away. I would give Lisa 10 stars on a scale of 1-5, she’s practically family now and my daughter looks forward to seeing her and the other kids every single day. Both my husband and I would highly recommend Lisa’s Family Day Care; Lisa is compassionate, gentle, kind, caring, loud and proud, and has a heart of gold.

Rayne Dupaul

The BEST caregiver you could ever ask for!

Lisa was practically my second mother. Now being 22 years old and still having contact with her shows how loving and caring of a person she is. I will always look back at my daycare days with Lisa and smile, as they were some of the best and brightest days of my childhood. There is no doubt in my mind that when I have children in the near future they will also be in her care. She treats every child as if they were her own, and supports their growth with nurturing activities and trips. I would recommend her to anyone! Leaving your kids with anybody is hard, but with Lisa you can feel confident that they are getting the proper care and love that every child deserves.

Kristyn Pelletier

Looked no further

Lisa’s Family Daycare:
When I found Lisa, I stopped looking for any other alternatives to childcare. I had to continue to work after I had my children, so I couldn’t stay home with my babies, but if anyone was going to ease my angst about leaving the care and wellbeing of my children while away from their parents, it was Lisa. Once I met her, I knew she was the one. She always treated all three of my children like her own, while being mindful of and balancing what their father and I valued as well. Her daycare was always clean, bright and stimulating for the children. Lisa kept the routine and structure consistent for the kids while incorporating movement and music opportunities, socialization, field trips, celebrations and more. Lisa was always aware of the developmental needs of each of the children in her care and was diligent in her communication with us at all times. I have never hesitated to recommend Lisa to anyone in need of quality childcare. She still visits with my kids regularly—almost 15 years later! There is no one who will care for your children the way Lisa will!

Kate Josef

We are so grateful Lisa

We are so grateful Lisa cared for our children when they were young. We always felt very comfortable with her. She always treated them like her own family, fed them well and taught them a lot. Our children were always happy when we picked them up and always happy to go back to Lisa’s. Definitely would recommend

Nicole Krygeris

More that just a Day Care

Dropping your child off is always difficult, but when you are leaving them in the care of someone like Lisa Doyon you feel reassured knowing your child is in great hands. Lisa has had a lasting impression and a positive impact on my daughter, in fact they still keep in touch to this day , 22 years later. When I met Lisa we instantly clicked, funny thing is she was the first and only interview needed for me to make the decision to leave my baby in her care. I instantly knew (well, along with great references). She is the happiest , most caring, selfless person with the bubbliest of personalities, we just love her. My daughter was 7 weeks old when I dropped her off and I had comfort in knowing that I never had to worry while she was with Lisa. Lisa treated her like her own! There were endless activities, from gym classes, crafts, swimming, dancing , singing, movies and more. Lisa even took my daughter to get her ears pierced (yes, with my permission) because she never had a daughter of her own it meant more to Lisa to have this time. I highly recommend Lisa’s Family Day Care and can’t express my gratitude enough for the love and fabulous care Lisa provided.

Kathryn Botterman

Wouldn’t trust anyone else

Our son started at Lisa’s Family Daycare one year ago at age 2 and a half, boy did we miss out on those first two years!! She is the most wonderful and caring person. I remember hanging up the phone the first time we spoke and said to my husband “I love her!!” I am so thankful we found Lisa. Our son has blossomed in one year and she is the reason. Lisa is more than a child care provider, she is family. I would not trust anyone else with the care of my child!

Kaile Thornell

Like Fam

LIsa is more than a “provider”, she is like family. Both of my girls have been going to “Auntie’s” since they were 4 months old. It is so nice to drop them off and not have a worry in the world the rest of the day. She exposes them to so many amazing things and turns every opportunity into learning. From trail walks, picnics, field trips, pedicures, Elsa braids, and music class; we couldn’t ask for more. She loves every child as if they were her own. She is so much more than anything I could have imagined as a daycare provider. We all love Auntie!

Meg Canning

Loving environment

My son started at Lisa’s daycare when he was 1. It was the best decision we ever made! She treated him like he was her own son! He learned so many things under her care. They went on field trips, gym classes, and music classes. She helped “shape” him into the fine young (17 yr old) man he is today! I do not hesitate to recommend her to people who ask for daycare recommendations! I hope she is still working when I have grandchildren! I would love for them to have the same incredible experience my son had!

Megan Holdsworth


This is long, but worth the read. Where to start? How do you write and put into words a description about someone who rescued you and your children on more than one occasion, someone who prayed for you, someone who gave you peace of mind, taught your children, and went the extra mile to nurture and love them as their day-time mom? I don’t know, and will probably not do her justice, but let me tell you about Lisa and share our story. I was a full time Speech Language Pathologist and part time sales person, working crazy hours with a sweet 3 year old little girl and another one on the way. My daughter, Annabeth, went to a very small in-home daycare literally around the corner from Lisa and her provider was more like an out-of-home nanny. She started with her when she was only 3 months old. Right before Christmas of that year, she let my husband and I know that she would be done doing the daycare and be working full time out of the home so we had just 3 weeks during the holidays to find a new daycare for Annabeth. I felt desperate. The thought of a huge daycare center made me sick. I work in preschools and school systems and I was not ready for that for my little girl. I wanted her loved on, taught, nurtured and kept safe. How could I leave her with people she didn’t know? She had been so attached to her other provider and we loved her. After a frantic search, some terrible interviews, and total happenstance, we found Lisa. I called her and she happened to have a little girl just move away and had a spot until summer. That was not luck. That was God. My husband and I brought Annabeth over to meet her and check out Lisa’s Family Daycare. I walked in and met her and literally had to fight back tears. I knew that this was the place for us, that Annabeth would be loved, that she would be safe, and that she would learn and grow here. 5 minutes. That was all it took. When you know you know and when I left, both Lisa and I had tears. Annabeth started with her that week and stayed until the end of my school year. Annabeth loved her “auntie” and had the best time getting mani- pedi’s and playing outside and in the pool. Unfortunately, Lisa did not have room for her in the fall as the spot had previously been spoken for, but our story wasn’t over. In the late spring, when my new baby, Aria, was born, we hired an in-home nanny who took care of both girls. It was perfect. My baby was home with her sister and my kitchen was clean every day when I came home. They loved their nanny, however she was a bit unreliable at times and her whole family was in California. In April, when Aria had just turned 1, our nanny went to California on vacation and called us and never came back. Again, we were desperate and heart broken. Friends and family helped get us to the end of the school year filled in to help care for the kids until I had the summer off. Of course we called Lisa. In the summer, she had a spot for Aria and could continue with her for the next year when Annabeth and I headed to school. That summer, my husband moved out, my 5 year old started Kindergarten and my 1-year old started with Lisa and I was now working three jobs. My husband and I were about to go through a very difficult divorce. I was a mess. To say that Lisa gave me hope and encouragement on a daily basis is an understatement. She made me feel loved, safe and I knew that at least this one part of my life made sense. Aria was more than fine, but started to deal with some separation anxiety as her little life was in turmoil. Lisa made her feel safe and every day she would send me messages to let me know that Aria was okay and had quickly stopped crying and was playing with her friends. Lisa helped potty train her when the rest of the kids weren’t ready, which is no small feat, because Aria was ready at 16 months. Aria would bring home crafts on a weekly basis and learned so much. She took adventure walks, went on field trips, had music and dance class, swam in the pool and played outside. Lisa’s was perfect. She loved my baby like her own and cried along with me when I was overwhelmed at pick up at the end of the day. Lisa was truly my friend and I couldn’t have gotten through that year without her. In the spring of that year, just before Aria turned two, Lisa called me at work. I will never forget her words. Her voice was strong, but scared and helpless sounding. “Kylee, Aria had a seizure. She’s going to be okay, but we are getting in the ambulance.” My heart stopped. The ambulance. Aria had been sick for a couple days prior, but had been fever free for a day, so we sent her to daycare. Apparently, she wasn’t through the illness. I was 40 minutes away. I grabbed my stuff and flew to the hospital barely able to think. I had no idea how long the seizure was, what the cause was, or what damage was done. I worked with kids with seizures. I was petrified. By the grace of God, Lisa’s son was home from college. He helped with the daycare some, so was able to stay with the other children so that Lisa could go with Aria in the ambulance so she wouldn’t be alone. When I got to the hospital, Aria had settled, but cried when she saw me. Lisa cried harder. She loved Aria so much and had been so scared. As she told me the story, I thanked God for Lisa. She knew exactly what to do, she stayed calm in the moment, and protected my baby. We were able to take Aria home that night with hopes of no more seizures. We stayed home for a couple days and poor Lisa didn’t sleep for almost a week as she was having nightmares and kept waking up thinking about Aria. I would not want anyone else to have been with Aria during her seizure, and I’m sure Lisa feels the opposite, but I trusted her with Aria’s life and when she needed it most, Lisa was there. Lisa is the epitome of motherly love. She’s the best provider I have ever met and one of the best people I have ever met. To conclude our story, my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia right around the time of Aria’s seizure, my divorce happened a few months after and we sold our home. I needed to be with my family. My girls and I moved home to Maine that summer. Leaving Lisa was one of the hardest things I have had to do and my heart broke for my girls as they had been so attached to her. Lisa had watched Annabeth on occasion when she had a kiddo absent or in the summers when her enrollment was down. When we said our final goodbyes, we all cried. Lisa was our rescuer and as I am writing this in tears, I’m reminded of those times when I felt desperate, when I felt helpless and sad, and when I had no idea where life would take me and my girls. Lisa was safe. Lisa was loving and nurturing. Lisa cared for my girls, and she cared about and prayed for me and with me. Nothing will ever replace what she did for us as a family or what she did for me as a friend. I will never forget her kindness. God worked through Lisa to help us and it was so evident every day. There should be a million Lisa’s in the world to care for people’s children and be their day-time mom and special “auntie”.

Kylee Holman

Wonderful Caregiver

I highly recommend Lisa’s Family Daycare. Our son started going to Lisa when he was three months old. Now at 9 months, we could not be happier with our choice. Lisa is such a wonderful caregiver! The way our son smiles and reaches for Lisa when he sees her says it all. She clearly puts a lot of love and attention into making a warm, safe, clean, and fun environment. We are grateful everyday that our little one is taken care of by “Auntie” Lisa!

Caroline Lavoie

A blessing!

Lisa is very compassionate, caring, gentle, and has a heart of gold!! She is incredible with my daughter! I’m so happy my husband and I found her when we did! It was meant to be given the timing. She devotes her time and energy into her kids by engaging with each one individually to help them develop in their own way. She truly is attentive to each child’s needs and gives them that gentle push that they might need to learn a new skill. With the variety of ages, it allows the younger children to look up to the older kids and she provides advanced learning for those children interesting in doing so. I love the arts and crafts that my daughter comes home with and the field trips that she takes the kids on are very interactive and gives the kids an experience that they might not get from home. I truly feel very comfortable leaving my child with her knowing that she will be well cared for and loved.

Ashley Bemis