Looked no further

Lisa’s Family Daycare:
When I found Lisa, I stopped looking for any other alternatives to childcare. I had to continue to work after I had my children, so I couldn’t stay home with my babies, but if anyone was going to ease my angst about leaving the care and wellbeing of my children while away from their parents, it was Lisa. Once I met her, I knew she was the one. She always treated all three of my children like her own, while being mindful of and balancing what their father and I valued as well. Her daycare was always clean, bright and stimulating for the children. Lisa kept the routine and structure consistent for the kids while incorporating movement and music opportunities, socialization, field trips, celebrations and more. Lisa was always aware of the developmental needs of each of the children in her care and was diligent in her communication with us at all times. I have never hesitated to recommend Lisa to anyone in need of quality childcare. She still visits with my kids regularly—almost 15 years later! There is no one who will care for your children the way Lisa will!

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