More that just a Day Care

Dropping your child off is always difficult, but when you are leaving them in the care of someone like Lisa Doyon you feel reassured knowing your child is in great hands. Lisa has had a lasting impression and a positive impact on my daughter, in fact they still keep in touch to this day , 22 years later. When I met Lisa we instantly clicked, funny thing is she was the first and only interview needed for me to make the decision to leave my baby in her care. I instantly knew (well, along with great references). She is the happiest , most caring, selfless person with the bubbliest of personalities, we just love her. My daughter was 7 weeks old when I dropped her off and I had comfort in knowing that I never had to worry while she was with Lisa. Lisa treated her like her own! There were endless activities, from gym classes, crafts, swimming, dancing , singing, movies and more. Lisa even took my daughter to get her ears pierced (yes, with my permission) because she never had a daughter of her own it meant more to Lisa to have this time. I highly recommend Lisa’s Family Day Care and can’t express my gratitude enough for the love and fabulous care Lisa provided.

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