Has a heart of gold

Lisa came highly recommended by family members who had allowed Lisa to care for their three children over the course of a few years. I remember meeting her for the first time before our daughter was born and realized then that our daughter would always be good, loving hands. Lisa continues to be a constant reminder of the great decision we made 3.5 years ago, trusting her to care for our daughter day in and day out. Lisa has love for all of the children equally, she celebrates every birthday and major holiday and our daughter often comes home with crafts or gifts for the parents. Lisa (and Tom) have been a huge help to my family while I’ve traveled for work, and has taken our daughter so that we can have a night away. I would give Lisa 10 stars on a scale of 1-5, she’s practically family now and my daughter looks forward to seeing her and the other kids every single day. Both my husband and I would highly recommend Lisa’s Family Day Care; Lisa is compassionate, gentle, kind, caring, loud and proud, and has a heart of gold.

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